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If you suffer from dry, itchy and sore skin that needs some love, Hemp Hydra by Frozen North Hemp has created the perfect lotion for your comfort. Our CBD Lavender Lotion can help keep your complexion refreshed with its natural ingredients mixed in a light consistency to provide long lasting moisturization.

Made just right at our clinic using only premium quality medical grade hemp extract richly enriched with cruelty free all natural ingredients. 

You can use our Hemp Hydra CBD lotion on your skin by applying a small amount of the product to affected area. Massage it thoroughly into all areas where you have dry patches, paying extra attention around any joints that may be feeling tight or sore due to inflammation from arthritis.

Our patented blend of all-natural essential oils, leaves your skin smelling amazing, but without overwhelming your senses, which makes this lotion an excellent addition to your bedtime routine.


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First, there are many ways to reap the benefits of CBD. One way is through topical application, which users have reported finding relief for various ailments and pains without any THC or other psychoactive substances at all! You could look into our hemp-based salve if you’re interested in adding some extra moisture on your skin as well as muscle support – it’s safe too since we use 100% organic ingredients that won’t stain clothing like other products might.

From years of research through our customers, we have seen a great range of user experiences on required application quantity to get results. We generally recommend a new user try a little of the salve in a small area. A little can go a very long way, so give it time to work on your first application before applying more to the tested area.