Commonly Asked Questions

Due to local laws, we cannot ship to Idaho, Iowa or Nebraska ANY CBD products. We can, however, ship hemp products that do not contain CBD to those states.

The FDA prevents us from making any medical claims as to the potential benefits of CBD use, regardless of how well documented they are in medical journals and peer reviewed studies. Doing so would, unfortunately, land us in hot water. Anything that we put into our list of benefits would solely be from any essential oils/fragrances or other ingredients in the product, but not from the CBD content. We encourage everyone to make their own educated decisions about CBD and it’s uses, which are well documented in medical journals worldwide.

Our products are made in house by us in a small overhead environment (in business speak, we don’t have high operating costs to make our products). We have decided to pass that savings onto our customers to provide them with affordable and high quality products, hopefully opening the door for more accessibility to our products to more people. We are not looking to break the bank, just provide high quality and lower cost alternatives for consumers.

Our devotion to our local community is incredibly strong, but equally strong is our believe in a more focused approach to STEM education. Our goal as a business is to give back to the community with charitable donations to local school systems’ STEM education in order to encourage our future generations to devote more to sciences. We have, as a result, determined to set aside at a minimum 10 percent of our yearly profits in order to achieve this goal for our local communities.

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