Hemp Lip Balm: What to Expect on Day 1, Day 7, and After a Month of Use

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Hemp oil found in the lip balm (hemp lip balm) is a good moisturizer for your lips. It has a rich profile of nutrients, bioactive compounds, and fatty acids like linoleic acid and omega. The fatty acids are crucial elements present in the outer skin layer. They’re effective in healing chapped lips and developing a tender feeling in your skin. The general reasons for using a hemp lip balm include:

  • Your skin heals faster
  • You maintain a supple and youthful look
  • Protects you against harmful sun rays
  • You avoid the embarrassment of cracked lips

Here are the benefits of hemp lip balm on day 1, day 7, and one month after use.

Benefits on Day 1

Hemp lip balm is a recommendable option if you have chapped lips. Chapped lips are due to frequently licking of your lips, cold weather, sun exposure, or dehydration. There are several signs of chapped lips which include:

  • Itching
  • Cracking skin
  • Scaling or dry lips
  • Peeling skin
  • Sores in your mouth and lips

Once you apply the balm on the first day, you will see a significant change in your lips. The moisturizing effect generates a rich profile of nutrients that enter the chapped areas. It creates an avenue for your lips to heal.

It delivers a moisturizing and hydration effect that locks into your lips on the first day of application. This process will soften your lips as the moisture affects the skin.

The lip balm will gradually reduce the itching in your lips on the first day of application. It will be an immediate effect as the chapped lips will require a continuous application of hemp lip balm to heal completely.

Benefits on Day 7

After continued use of hemp lip balm for seven days, you will notice a significant difference from the first day. You will see a considerable reduction of the cracks visible during the first day of application.

You will also notice that the peeling skin is completely sealed and intact. After applying hemp lip balm for seven days, check for these elements in your lips:

  • Dryness
  • Rash
  • Skin irritation
  • Itching

These factors accompany peeling skin. Application of the hemp lip balm ensures the complete elimination of the elements accompanying a peeling skin.

Your lips will be free of the sores which develop after frequent dehydration, a significant difference with continued application of the hemp lip balm.

Benefits After a Month of Use

After a month of continued hemp lip balm use, you will notice complete super healing of your lips. The fatty acids propel a significant skin transformation and enhance a youthful appearance. The bioactive compounds enrich the skin, which promotes a healthy experience.

Most people look for pain relief on their skin. A month of continued hemp lip balm application ensures the elimination of chapped lips. Initially, you would notice your lips burn, become red, and itch. The lip balm’s healing properties will continually soothe the cold sores and calm any pain.

Once you apply the hemp lip balm continuously for a month, be sure to see a significant change in your skin. The lips have a fragile layer of skin that requires protection. A continuous application of the hemp lip balm protects the layer and creates a supple look.

Do You Long for Radiant Lips?

Do you wish to maintain supple skin on your lips? Hemp lip balm is a perfect solution. Avoid embarrassments in public due to chapped lips by observing a daily skincare schedule. Hemp lip balm guarantees the best experience by moisturizing your lips.

At Frozen North Hemp, we offer solutions attached to restoring, moisturizing, and softening your lips over time. Contact us today and obtain quality skincare products suitable for your lips.

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