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At Frozen North Hemp, we take pride in serving our community and our customers with high quality hemp and CBD products at a fraction of the cost of other brands. As part of our commitment to our customers, we offer additional discounts detailed below:

  • Veterans and Active Duty
  • First Responders
  • Front Line Workers
  • Senior Citizens
  • College Students (must recertify your status every Fall and Spring semester)

If you are in any of the groups above, please follow the following process to receive your discount:

  1. Make an account on our website
  2. Send us an email at info@frozennorthhemp.com
  3. In that email, please provide some sort of proof that you are eligible for that discount. 
  4. We will respond to your email as soon as your account has been verified and updated on our end.
  5. Shop at your discounted pricing. You'll never see full prices again for products as long as you're logged into your account.

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